Gymnasium Loxstedt

Gymnasium Loxstedt is a Grammar School in the north of Germany. We are a small school with 360 students and 30 teachers. Our teachers teach us in German, English, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, French, Latin, Music, Art, P.E., and Politics. Besides our regular classes we have different clubs we can attend in the afternoon, like drama club, where we practice new plays which we like to perform for guests; loxfactory, where we learn new skills on the computer; bee club, where we produce our own honey; Erasmus+ where we prepare our trips and work on our project “Find your Balance”; paramedics and 1st Aid club, where we can become real paramedics and sailing club, where we learn how to sail. Our school is not just located in a nice community, we are also an amazing community. We enjoy our school days with our friends and we all love our wonderful yearly events. There are athletic events like soccer tournament, hockey tournament and the Bundesjugendspiele, where we can get a sports badge if we accomplish good results. Other amazing events are the Christmas ball, where we get to dress up nicely and then dance with our friends or bicycle training day, where we make our bicycle license. Our school is also famous for our international projects, which include trips to France, England, Denmark and with the Erasmus+ projects we also have the chance to travel to Macedonia, Estonia and Poland, which we are really grateful for and excited about.