Our trip to Germany

Day 1 (May 12, 2019) was the arrival of three groups (Estonia, Macedonia and Poland) to Germany. It was the day full of surprises for most of the participants, especially Polish ones but finally everything ended happily. All the participants meet their host families at the train station and approached their temporary houses. On their first evening they mostly spent time with the families. Some of them went sightseeing and shopping while others were at home.

Day 2 (May 13, 2019), the second day of the project started at school in Loxsted. All the participants were greeted by the headmaster of a school and were presented the overview of the week by the German coordinator. After this short meeting, teachers were allowed to look around the school, at the same time students headed to their first workshop where they were working on the guidebook which was supported to be finished in the following days. Students were divided into groups. Each of the group worked on a given task for example, the cover of the book, content, pictures ect. The hard work of students was very hard and the time for the rest has finally come, so the BBQ was organized. Full of energy members of the project came back to their host families and enjoyed their free time.

Day 3 (May 14, 2019), the third day of the trip was very pleasant for students and teachers as well. We started our day in front of the school in Loxsted and went by bus on the beach in Cuxahven. When we got off the bus we saw a beautiful beach and the sea which was going over! The view was amazing! Students have a lot of time to enjoy themselves, play some games like football or volleyball and then eat lunch on the beach. After the beach fun our guided trip through the sea started. The guide told us a lot of interesting facts about flora and fauna in that area. We also had an opportunity to try some weeds. Some of the students could even try an oyster found by themselves! After the long walk through the dry sea all participant were given commemorative photos from that adventure.

Day 4 (May 15, 2019), the fourth day was the day of work for our students. They met at 8.00 at duene 4 and continued their work on the guidebook. After 4 hours of fruitful work time for lunch, delicious soup made by one of the teachers and parents, came. Students were very engaged in working together in international teams. Beside of work it was also the time for socializing. They could spend more time together, share their experiences and points of view. It was also the time for giving an interview for local newspaper and taking a lot of pictures together. At around 2 pm. students went on to do activities with the host families.

Day 5 (May 16, 2019): we started our day at Loxsted train station. The goal for this day was to visit Bremen, having fun at the same time. The tour started in a park with an Actionbound. Students were divided into international teams and their goal was to complete all the given task prepared earlier by the German teacher. The task was much more difficult because they could useu only one smartphone in each of the group. It was even harder, because some of the task required help other people. Luckily each of the group managed to complete the majority of tasks in a short period of time and we could go for the lunch. Students spent this break with their host families. This activity evoked a lot of laugh and happiness in students and they definitely liked it. After the lunch and time for buying souvenirs we gathered at the train station and headed homes

Day 6 (May 17, 2019), the sixth day was the last day spent together. It started in a very active way. In the morning, students took part in different sport activities on the fresh air. They were divided into three teams and each of the team took part in different activity, like playing football, hockey and dancing. Surprisingly dancing connected all the people! We had a lot of fun dancing to widely known songs like Macarena or Wake me up before you Go-Go. Two German students did their best to teach us short choreography and we did it! It was an amazing experience to see around 40 people dancing together on a pitch! After this warm-up we were ready to meet the Mayor of Loxsted and took part in an official lunch. After the Mayor’s official speech, we were served delicious soup and the official sign-off ceremony started. Students were handed their certificates, T-shirts with the Erasmus+ logo and prizes for the Actionbound. It was not the end of surprises, because in the evening students were invited for the party organized by parents. That day could definitely be described as action – packed and exciting.

In front of the townhall of Loxstedt