Teachers’ meeting in Tartu, Estonia

Short-term staff training event in Tartu, Estonia

From February 29 until March 2, 2020 a short-term staff training event was carried out in Tartu as part of the Erasmus+ project APPic Learning. Three participants from each project country took part in an eTwinning workshop, The workshop was carried out by Maja Videnovik, who is an eTwinning ambassador. In her presentation, she first emphasized three key aspects concerning eTwinning: Why, How and What is eTwinning. The participants were very interested in the presentation, they asked questions about the benefits, the way that projects can be carried out and different ways of professional development.

After that interactive presentation the eTwinning platform was dealt with. Participants registered on the eTwinning platform, they edited their profiles, started communication via eTwinning among each other and tried to find partners on the platform for other projects they could create. After that the new eTwinners started planning a project among them, titled: Our dream town. In this project students will have to create their dream town together.

Elements of the eTwinning platform were discussed and teachers were interested in different forms of professional development, how they can be carried out and what are the benefits from it. How the project can be visible by other people and how to achieve a bigger impact on teachers was part of the discussions, too.

The coordinators from different participating countries started filling the project’s Twinspace and putting information from previous mobilities there. They also discussed future activities on this platform, like organizing an eTwinning conference with all project participants before meeting in Tartu in May.

Other organizational issues were discussed concerning the meeting to come in Tartu and activities with the students in each participating school. The process of creating a mobile app as a project final product was also discussed.

Maja Videnovik