Online Mobility

In March 2022, an online mobility for students from Germany, Poland and North Macedonia took place at the Primary School in Mysiadle as part of the “Appic Learning” project of the Erasmus+ programme. It was the first meeting in the project after the Covid-19 pandemic and although all partner schools dreamed of finally being able to meet in person, unfortunately due to the current restrictions and the war in Ukraine, students couldn’t travel to Poland. 

Therefore, the team of teachers tried to do everything to ensure that a group of thirty students lived together, albeit remotely, 5 valuable days. The agenda of the meeting concerned mainly the main topic of the project, i.e. applications used for learning. Students had the opportunity to test applications such as PlantNet, HumanBody or GeoExpert, and explore blogs and channels on YouTube, where enthusiasts of natural sciences popularize knowledge via the Internet. Through a remote lesson from the Maria Skłodowskie-Curie Museum, students got to know the figure of this Polish Nobel Prize winner, and thanks to a lesson from the Copernicus Science Center on the sense of balance, they learned what seasickness is all about. Students in their home schools also interviewed science teachers to inspire themselves to develop into chemistry, physics, mathematics and computer science. 

Copernicus Science Center

The participants of the mobility also got acquainted with Polish culture in the field of film, computer games, music and literature. They visited Warsaw virtually, at the same time personally enjoying chocolates from Wedel or Goplana.  

The German team

 Not all classes were held in front of the computer. Students explored the nature growing around each of the schools, made monuments to Warsaw using recycled materials or recorded an advertisement for Polish sweets  that they received in advance by mail. 

The Macedonian team

Although the students and teachers at Mysiadł regretted not being able to show their country in person, 5 days spent on remote mobility allowed to break the first ice and wheted the appetite of participants for the mobility planned in Loxstedt in May 2022. 

Nordsee-Zeitung March 19, 2022