Travel Report: Loxstedt

The first day was a day of arrival of the guest groups from North Macedonia and Poland. In Loxstedt the students and teachers prepared a warm welcome. Most of the students met for the first time in their life but the ice was broken very fast thanks to a very nice atmosphere and great hospitality of the Germans families.

The second day of our stay in Germany brought us many surprises. Coordinators prepared a city game in Bremen, thanks to which students could visit the city in international groups: Poland, Germany and Macedonia, as well as make friends and take photos together. After the project was finished, the groups went for lunch together.

Sunday was the day the children spent with their German families. They had the opportunity to learn about their culture and tradition. They took part in confirmation, as well as family games and spending time together. Some went to “Heide-Park” in Soltau, an amusement park or to the seaside in Cuxhaven, where they had the opportunity to observe the tide and walk on the muddy bottom.

On Monday, the students met in Bremenhaven, where they played a game in international groups. Detective trail, which consisted in finding designated places in the city using a map and decrypting the code. Thanks to this game, students could get to know the city and strengthen their friendships. Then, we went to the Climate House, where there were a lot of surprising attractions waiting for them, e.g. getting to know climatic places from around the world and representatives of the continent’s animals. The students’ task was to write down the most important information about the conditions in a given area. It was a very active and successful day.

On Tuesday, we met with students at the municipal Youth Center in Loxstedt where an app-based workshop was held on topics related to geography, history, politics and economics. Students worked in the international groups, creating a map of places in the city. There was also a speech by Loxstedt Mayor Detlef Wellbrock who thanked everyone for participating in the program. He also mentioned the difficult situation in the world and thanked that despite many adversities, we were able to come and share our knowledge.

Wednesday was the last day of the project in international groups. We went to Nesse – a sports center where children got to know each other  by presenting their figure, saying what they like and what they are interested in. The students took the Quiz-Café “Europe” tests on the knowledge, origins, history and values of the European Union. After learning, there was time to talk and develop friendships while barbecuing. At the end, the coordinators thanked all students and teachers for the time spent together, learning and exchange of experiences. Everyone received a certificate of participation in the project.

On Thursday, May 12, 2022, after tender and touching farewells to wonderful families, the Macedonian and Polish groups went to the airport in Bremen, from which we flew home where longing parents waited.

Summing up, the students participating in the project experienced an amazing life adventure, gained many interesting experiences, became independent and met wonderful people who will be remembered for many years. Lots of friendships have been made that will be able to continue.

Nordsee-Zeitung May 11, 2022