Basketball Battle

Basketball Battle is an arcade-style basketball game in which players need to control character movements and jump shots. It is a two-dimensional sports platformer created and published by DoubleTap Software. As the name implies, the Basketball Battle game online is a basketball-themed sports game.

The app can be easily downloaded at: There is also option to download desktop version of the game at: Basketball Battle – Download & Play Free Here (

When you start the game, the tutorial will open and guide you through the rules for playing the game and after that you will be automatically put in a match.

The player can be controlled by using the arrow keys on the left side and make him jump with the button on the right. All basketball players have a specific set of skills and stamina levels. Use them up to see your character move lifelessly on the court. Make sure to keep them hydrated or risk switching players from the bench to continue the match. Upgrade your players and customize their uniforms to your discretion.

When you press the UPGRADE button it will take you to the upgrade section where you can upgrade your players. The “TOUR” button is where you can see all the available tournaments that you can play. At the 2 PLAYER mode you can play against your friend on the same phone. One plays on the one side, the other plays on the other because it’s on a split screen. At the BAGS section you have a different selection of bags that you can buy or get for free. The standard bag costs 10 gold, the premium one costs 15 and the daily bag you can get every 24 hours. At the “powerups” section you can buy different powerups.  All of the powerups you can get are: Grip Spray (Increases speed), Shooting Chalk (Improves shooting) and Energy Bar (Faster energy recovery).

Basketball Battle game online is a simple yet very thrilling sports game that you can challenge and play with friends.