Pottery Lite

Pottery lite is an app for making ceramics in simple and fun way. You can become a true artist and create “one of a kind” pottery items and share them with your friends!

You can download this arcade game on Google Play on the following link: Let’s Create! Pottery Lite – Apps on Google Play

It is an easy game where you can create different creations by clay and relax at the same time, releasing all your artistic talents and take benefit of dozens of materials available in order to create your own design!

You can start the game just by clicking on the word “Create” and then you will need to shape the piece of clay whatever you like. By slowly dragging your fingers up, down, and sideways, you will be able to guide the clay into forming your desired shape. It may sound really easy but it is far from it. After you are done with shaping the piece of clay, tap on the word firing so you can bake the piece of clay. After few seconds your clay creation will be baked.

After you bake it, you can start to color it. You should choose a color first and then after choosing brushes you can start with the design of your product. After you finish with the designing of the clay creation you can double click on ready, so you can save your clay creation and sell it. After that you will get information for how much money you can sell your creation and the total amount of money that you earned by selling different creations. With this money you can buy other brushes and colors to make your clay creations even more beautiful.